Short legged with a fragile heart

My name is Rashieda Mae, 23 years old as of this writing.

I usually harbor my thoughts and feelings. Periodically moody like any other girls. I am emotionally independent. I love sharing my thoughts only when I’m over it and only for the purpose of helping a friend that I can relate to.

I love outdoors – mountains to be specific. Nowadays, hiking became phenomenal. It has become a mainstream which unfortunately has not caused any good for the mountains. We may all have a reason for doing so.. But mine has got me good. I lost weight, I gain friends, met someone, and treasuring a lot of experience.

I found blogging as a good platform to share my thoughts, my experiences, and myself. I hope I can do well on this. Otherwise, just bear with me.

I hope to hear something from my readers to. I am more than happy to talk about anything. Just let me know 🙂