Embedding Pinterest on your WordPress

@#$%!!! It was frustrating to spend almost half of my day trying to link Pinterest on my WordPress. I found instructions easily even the Pinterest Widget Builder and tried it countless time but never worked (for me). I find the need to share this experience and I was thinking to go through my failures on this post, but nah. I had so much and don’t want to back track what happened to me couple of hours ago.

So here is the easy peasy step on how to embed your Pinterest account:

  1. Go to your Pinterest account and copy the URL of your profile or just the specific board you would like to embed.


  1. Edit the page or post where you want to embed your Pinterest account. Note: embedding does not work on the Text widget in case you want it to appear on your sidebar or footer just like your Instagram.
  • once you have pasted the link, it will show up as below
  • Make sure to use visual editor and click unlinked so it wouldn’t show up as a link.


2. Hit “Save”.

That’s it! ;(

Credits to this post for saving me from despair:Β https://en.support.wordpress.com/embed-from-pinterest/


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