To the friend who has turned her back on me.


I am confident that I have been a good friend. I cared, listened, laughed and cried with you, shared stories and shared a milestone with you.

You were more than a friend but a sister.

A sister that if I understand correctly would be someone I can count on. Until the day has come when I proved it all wrong.

I may have not listened well. But you should know that it mattered a lot.

I have fallen in love no matter how much you tried to tell me to stop. You were mad at me for hurting the other and felt sorry. You should know that I am hurt more the anyone for what I have done for having no control over what I must feel and for choosing to love than to let go.

I needed you arms, you embrace, the comfort, your understanding, I needed a friend and you turned your back on me. 

It broke me more, I was shattered and lost. I needed light and you closed your doors, I needed you but you were not there anymore.

I understand, I would still care for you. You may not show the same interest like you have with the others. You may never like the guy I chose the same way you are having fond of theirs. Still, I understand. I’m still your friend. You should know that with whatever decision you make, I may not agree with you but I promise to understand. Just like how I expected you to do.


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